"I had extraordinary teachers who not only mastered their field but how to pass it on. Laur is one of those"

Norman Doidge, MD
Author of The Brain That Changes Itself

Hear your voice like never before.

your voice

Gain new insights
& use your voice as a tool for life.


How to sing
like never before

You will learn how to consciously feel the vibration and resonance of your voice in your body and in your heart. This capacity to feel your whole Self vibrate is mindfulness at its best – an awakening of your sensations and feelings of the moment. 

This resonant presence to yourself will align you with your values, remind you of your Essence and will provide great clarity and power of choice. Your voice will empower your word and heal your heart.


How to heal body,
mind and soul

This gathering of like-minded people offers solace and support in knowing that we all yearn to be heard and to stand as the ultimate channel of expression we are meant to be. Your voice is an extension of who you are and your true nature. As such, it is the ultimate channel of expression.

And just as animals have no shame in using their voice, so should we be as free to root into our unique vocal expression.


Your voice for
stronger leadership

Torchbearers light the way with the leading power of their voice! Visionaries transmit their vision with clarity and authority! Pathfinders, commit to the resonance of their words.

Following the conception of an idea, the Voice leads the vision into manifestation. The Voice ignites, gives birth, rallies and elevates us to our true calling.


  • Personal
  • Corporate
  • Concerts


Voice & Sound


Sound, Voice
& Practice Meditation

Voice of the Leader

Team Building



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Michèle Bertol

  Biofield Tuning

“The energy created during my first Biofield Tuning session with Laur was nothing short of otherworldly! Each session is a revelation. Laur’s expertise begets her a natural sensitivity for sound.”


Lucille Necas

  Biofield Tuning

“Magical, angelic energy! Laur’s vibrational healing instigates a new sense of freedom and expansion at an energetic level. After just 2 sessions, I feel much more myself.”


Kimberly Maroney

  Biofield Tuning

“Laur is a master at creating a flow of energy that induces deep work. Both challenging and supportive, Biofield Tuning is the quickest and easiest way of manifesting alignment.”


Zipporah Peddle

  Voice Coaching

“Laur has an incredibly unique perspective on working with the voice, the breath and the body, accessing our invisible self and deepening our true expression as artists.”


Sabrina Ferland

  Voice Coaching

“Laur is a wizard of voice! – She led me to go deep within to find my real voice. She works with resonance in the magnetic field to instill harmony. Laur taught me to feel the vibration in my body when I sing.”

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About Laur

Laur Fugère is an accomplished vocalist and voice coach who forged her voice through years of experience with prestigious brands and shows like Cirque Du Soleil, Cats, Les Misérables, Jesus-Christ Superstar and more.

As a voice ambassador, Laur concentrates on helping others find their voice through private & group coaching, voice practice & meditation, live concerts and speaking engagements.

As a sound therapist and certified Biofield Tuning and Polarity practitioner, Laur introduces pure sounds through areas of subconscious programming and reactivity in the magnetic field of a person. These energetic knots are then released, and brought into a harmonious, coherent expression, allowing a flow of revitalized energy to empower her clients with new perspectives.

Laur Fugère

Voice Ambassador

Laur Fugère is an accomplished vocalist and voice coach who forged her voice through years of experience ...

Laur Fugère

Voice Ambassador

Laur Fugère is an accomplished vocalist and voice coach who forged her voice through years of experience ...
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The following is a list of specific situations or conditions that Biofield Tuning should not be used in conjunction with:

  • Cancer
    • Detox pathways are often too compromised and the body doesn’t have the resources to manage the process
    • Detox can be severe
    • Tumors seem to be irritated by tuning
  • Terminal illness
    • Body systems are compromised and do not have capacity to digest energy
    • Detox can be severe
  • End-of-life
    • Tuning forks are too strong for the system
    • Detox can be severe
  • Pregnancy
    • Could potentially send client into detox
    • Risk for miscarriage
  • Pacemaker or other implanted electronic medical devices
    • Tuning forks could interfere with these devices


  • Recent concussions
    • Brain is swollen and takes a while for inflammation to resolve
    • Wait at least 3 months before doing a tuning on the head, 6 months is even better
  • Morbid obesity
    • Not necessarily contraindicated, but can create profound detox
    • Suppressed emotions held in fat cells
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
    • Detox can be severe
  • Varicose Veins
    • Working with weighted tuning forks directly on varicose veins could release blood clots
  • Fractured Bones
    • Working with weighted tuning forks directly on any broken or fractured bones could interfere with the healing process