Voice of the Leader

Voice of the Leader engagements are unique experiences created for and around a defined group of people, or an individual, looking to enhance the power of the voice and realize its full potential. Actual content and exercises vary depending on outlined goals.
  • Content

    Short personal vocal presentation / or lead the group in free vocal expression

    Personal presentation

    Protocol of instructions

    Presentation of the curriculum

    Exercises and vocal practices

    Application in pertinent situations (ex: speeches, presentations, etc.)

    Discussion and feedback

  • Objectives

    Gain access to tools and resources to assume your role as representatives and leaders

    Unearth and reclaim the power of your voice

    Discover how the authentic voice can induce collaboration

    Learn to better breathe and mindfully think

    Tune into the rhythm of your tribe to create unity

    Discover how to transmit your vision with warmth and authority

    Understand how you can lead the way, in unison

    Learn to listen to one’s silence and that of others

    Master the art of public speaking

  • Benefits

    Ignite your voice

    Master vocal techniques

    Gain speech clarity and concentration

    Learn how to touch your audience

    Uncover your power of influence

    Increase charisma and self-esteem

    Commit to the resonance of your words

    Feel rigor and buoyancy

    Understand how traditions and rituals can strengthen leadership

    Feel the motivation and mobilization of the group come together

    Gain a victory over any fears of public speaking (if applicable)

    Experience the energy created by voices

Laur the


Hours of Coaching


Office, Hotel, Home, Studio, Conference Room, Classroom, etc.
Audience Size
1 – 60 Participants
Half-Day, 1 Day or 2 Days


 “I am grateful for Laur’s ability to create a safe, encouraging and fun context for all participants, whatever their experience.

Sally Ludwig, Therapist and Counsellor

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