Voice Coaching

These sessions provide individuals one-on-one time with Laur to enhance or improve their singing or speaking voice. Through clearly understanding objectives and goals, Laur recommends a number of sessions that allow progression over time. With Laur, people work on many aspects of voice learning techniques for breathing, body and mind preparation that will make a true difference in performance.
  • Objectives

    Prepare and warm up the voice

    Learn to properly breathe

    Explore and experiment with the voice’s vocal dynamics and registers

    Perfect resonance

    Feel and modulate voice vibrations

    Understand the vocal instrument

    Apply the vocal technique in a song or speech

    Define an intention and deliver a song or text

    Harmonize voice, gestures and scenic presence

  • Content

    Outline the client’s objectives

    Presentation of the approach

    Body preparation in motion

    Breathing exercises

    Speech and vocal exploration – vocalizing exercises

    Resonance amplification

    Technique integration

    Implementation and merging of technique and intention in song or speech

    Discussion and feedback

  • Benefits

    Master tones, flexibility and vocal dynamics

    Understand an effective vocal work method

    Expand voice registers

    Enrich vocal harmonics

    Create optimal interpretation and communication

    Create a heightened capacity of expression of the body and voice

    Enhance the relationship between the breath and sound production

    Improve the instrumental potential of the body

    Gain access to a new sensitivity

Laur the


Hours of Coaching

In-Person or Skype Private Session Available!



Office, Hotel, Home, Conference Room, Classroom, Online, etc.
Audience Size
1 Hour


 “Laur is the only one I am aware of who anticipates the vocal work from a stand point of an inner connection with our ultimate Source. Her method is well organized, starting with the basics and adding each idea slowly. She takes a lot of time to allow the student to really soak up the information and experiment with it.”

Angie Donkin, Singer

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