Voice Alchemy

According to Laur

The voice is to a human what the growl, scream, or roar, is to an animal.


An animal sound event is an extension of its identity.

Just as our voice is an extension of who we are and our true nature.

Science explains sound in terms of vibratory strength, but it’s also a physical force hidden deep within every living being.

Producing a sound or ‘finding the voice’ puts someone in touch with his/her innermost nature and fosters an awakening.

The Rational

Laur’s vocal work generates a letting go of, and a return to, self.

This connection is vital when circumstances, or changes in life, occur.

Voice work is a proven way to enhance experiences, change the physical being, gain clarity and increase happiness.

Blond Boy Crying
Yelling woman mouth closeup

We apply our voice in so many ways throughout our lives. Starting at birth, we use it to communicate, show emotions, demonstrate strength, pain and more.

Examples of Using the Voice

  • OM sounds made by yoga practitioners

  • Chanting of Indians during rituals or rights of passage

  • Repeating of mantras

  • And much more…

As a universal language and a source of inspiration, voice has an inescapable place in the journeys we take throughout our lives. Whether using the voice to speak in business situations, sing on stage, at a campfire or simply in everyday conversations, this sound has the power to resonate and touch many.

How Voice Impacts the Body, Mind, and Soul

The impact of a voice that vibrates is powerful.

On a holistic level, the voice has the potential to realign us through sound vibrations.

  • Sound

    When the voice creates a sound, we feel the effects on our physical body and our subtle body.
  • Vibration

    The vibration act on muscle mass, tissues, internal organs and all cells, giving them their energy and vitality.
  • Relief

    Endorphins, recognized for their soothing effect, are secreted and provide relief from pain.
  • Release

    The emotional body is assisted by the nervous system, in the release of reducing any painful memories.
  • Soothing

    The mind is soothed through a physical relaxation but also by the direct impact of the vibration of the voice on regulating brain waves of the balance of the left / right hemispheres.

Mastering how to use the voice for any of these functions can unlock a whole new level of peace, health, vibrancy, and power never thought imaginable.

Laur’s vision is to help unlock the full potential of the voice.

Why Using our Voice is so Important

Rediscover the forgotten abilities of our voice as it rises and vibrates in unison with life itself into a focused awareness. As this happens, we are reminded and elevated to:

  • Remember who we are

  • Live and honor our body

  • Know and assert ourselves

  • Give access to a new sensibility

  • Grow wings and be the author of our happiness

Hear Laur Sing

Singing allows us to discover the voice as an instrument for transmitting the subtlest of movements from a mysterious source.

When we sing, that moment when the breath synchronizes to create a continuous sound that is free and fully embodied, the sensation is euphoric; a moment of communion with a greatness of being.

Laur sees sound's vibratory nature as a physical strength, a power for incarnation and transformation.

The sound becomes a phenomenon that transcends a communication of the invisible, sometimes giving way to unheard notes of amazing grace.