Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are unique settings to understand how the voice and sound can be used for authentic communication within a group or individually. Participants will understand how to use the voice as a tool of influence while being mindful of the strength and personal power it creates. Conferences are typically held at a company’s office, or off-site location, depending on the desired atmosphere for the experience.
  • Content

    Short vocal delivery
    Feedback and explanation related to performance
    Personal presentation
    Conference presentation – objectives and benefits
    Interaction with audience participation
    Question period
  • Objectives

    Develop intuition and promote creativity
    Clarify words that are listened to and heard
    Vibrate your voice to increase its power
    Learn how singing and storytelling perpetuate the strength of tradition
    Find your voice and stand out to reach the heart of another
    Raise your voice to shine
  • Benefits

    Gain passage to authentic communication
    Understand the knowledge of preparatory steps before speaking
    Realize an awakening and enjoyment of unsuspected potential
    Grasp the presence and power of influence
    Take your place and learn to receive
    Return to your source internally

Laur the




Convention Center, Hotel, Conference Room, Classroom, etc.
Audience Size
Any Size
45 – 90 Minutes


 “This conference came to each of us in a different way, it put us in touch with our inner being, our desires, joys and difficulties. Laur recalled in each of us, the passion and heart that we put in our life. Very inspiring!”

Franziska, Attendee

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