Energy Healing

Dedicated Energy Healing sessions are one-on-one private encounters either done at a partner/clinic’s site, a home setting, online, hotel or other quiet location. During sessions, Laur uses a unique range of sound techniques including crystal bowls, bells, chakra vibrational tuning forks, Laur’s own ethereal voice and music to create a tailored session that will bring forth renewed energy, balance and clarity. Prior to sessions, Laur takes time with each client to understand any needs, direction and focus to be applied during the hour-long appointment. Clients walk away with a renewed sense of calmness, peace, and healing.
  • Objectives

    Promote health, vitality and well-being

    Create deep relaxation

    Induce a meditative state

    Increase immunity

    Dissolve energy blockages

    Explore the body’s subtle sensations

    Ease pain

    Enable sleep

    Reduce anxiety

    Facilitate adrenal gland function

    Release old memories

    Extend oneself in harmony

    Prevent depression

  • Content

    Short briefing on energy balancing with vocal resonance

    Description of the session

    Identification of any problem areas or focus points during session

    Energy cleansing – sage, incense, candles

    Body preparation (relaxation, breathing)

    Vibratory experience and balancing with vocal resonance

  • Benefits

    Create body consciousness

    Locate areas of tension

    Recognize physical vibratory power

    Increase self-esteem

    Release toxins

    Support metabolism

    Increase your body’s frequency rate

    Experience powerful vibrations for greater energy

    Increase access to forgotten dreams

    Triumph over fears

    Abolish the “victim”

    Acquire greater power and openness to life situations

Laur the


Hours of Sessions

In-Person or Skype Private Session Available!



Office, Hotel, Home, Conference Room, Classroom, Online, etc.
Audience Size
1 Hour


 “What Laur does transcends words and cannot be explained. It must be experienced. Enormous thanks for her magic of her healing. I have been gifted with a few healers who have transformed my thinking and my life. Laur is one of them.”

Dawna Treibicz, Video Producer

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