Without oxygen, there is no life.

We are all born knowing how to breathe, but our crazy, hectic lives can lead to constricted, shallow breathing that makes us feel as if we’re running on fumes, not fresh air that allows us to thrive.

The Power of Breath Institute, states that getting more oxygen to your brain and body, helps you to:

  • take back control of your life
  • recharge your energy to have more passion for what really matters
  • reduce stress, anxiety, pain and panic
  • focus your attention
  • relax and sleep better
  • recover from PTSD and trauma
  • become more aware of your body, thoughts, and feelings and feel better in your own skin
  • worry less, feel more peaceful and connected
  • integrate leftover “stuff” from your past that stops you from being present

It’s crazy what three deep breaths can do! Let’s try it…

  • Breathe slowly, hold the Breath… Then… Exhale…
  • Again…
  • And again…

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”
― Thich Nhat HanhStepping into Freedom: Rules of Monastic Practice for Novices

It takes courage to listen to oneself and to hear oneself breathe!

This listening is the eloquence of a voice anchored in what it hears!